MIPI C-PHY Tx and Rx(PHY & Controller)

The INNOSILICON MIPI C-PHY Combo TX integrates a MIPI® C-PHY 1.1 compatible PHY that supports up to 6.86Gbps/trio high speed data transmitter, plus a MIPI® low-power low speed transceiver that supports data transfer in the bi-directional mode. The C-PHY Combo TX is built in with a standard digital interface to talk to any third party Host controller.

The architecture supports connection of multiple data trios in parallel – up to 3 data trios can be connected to increase the total through-put, customizable to user determined configurations.

As a part of the INNOSILICON high speed PHY portfolio, including SATA/PCIE/XAUI/PCIe/HDMI/USB/HSIC/DDRn PHYs, the INNOSILICON MIPI C-PHY Combo TX is performance optimized, modular designed and easy to be integrated into any SoC.

Preassembled hard Macro PHY components are provided for immediate instantiation into an IC design.


  • Mixed-signal C-PHY mixed-signal hard-macro- HS/LP Transmitter and LP Receiver solution

  • Supports MIPI® Specification for C‐PHY Version 1.1

  • Integrated PHY Protocol Interface (PPI) supports interface to CSI, DSI and UniPro™ MIPI® protocols

  • 3 trios in MIPI C‐PHY mode

  • 80 Msps to 3.0 Gsps symbol rate per trio in C‐PHY high speed mode. Equivalent to 182.8 Mbps to 6.86 Gbps per trio in C‐PHY high speed mode

  • Expandable to support 3 data trios, providing up to 20.58Gbps transfer rate under MIPI C-PHY HS mode

  • HS, LP and ULPS modes supported

  • Skew-Calibration supported

  • 10Mbps per lane in low-power mode

  • Unidirectional and  bi-directional modes supported

  • Automatic termination control for HS and LP modes

  • Tx/Rx Buffers with tunable On-Die-Termination and advanced equalization

  • Embedded ESD, boundary scan support logic


  • Low power consumption

  • Fully customizable

  • Small area

  • All in one solution

  • Simple integration process

  • Available options include

    • Test chips and test boards

    • FPGA integration support

    • Chip level integration





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